Report from TG 4 Mortality Workshop in Novi Sad / Serbia

Fortress over Danube in Novi Sad - picture credits see below.

Fortress over Danube in Novi Sad – picture credits see below.

Prior to the general assembly of PROFOUND in Novi Sad, starting tomorrow, we had a 2-day workshop of TG4 on the implementation of mortality processes in vegetation models. A big thanks to Harald Bugmann for organizing this event.

For all those that would like to see what was discussed: here are the slides from the first day that consisted of keynotes and reports from the modeling groups on the implemented experiments:


Morning Keynotes

  • Chonggang Xu (Los Alamos National labs) / slides
  • Thomas Hickler (Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany) / slides

Presentations Forest Stand Models

  • Friedrich Bohn – FORMIND / slides
  • Daniel Nadal – GOTILWA / slides
  • Manfred Lexer – PICUS / slides
  • Kararina Merganicova – SIBYLA / slides
  • Tobias Mette – xComp / slides
  • Christopher Reyer – 4C / slides
  • Harald Bugmann – ForClim / slides

Presentations Landscape Models

  • Ruper Seidl – iLand / slides
  • Björn Reineking – LandClim / slides

Presentations Dynamic Global Vegetation models

  • Ingrid Jaquemin – CARAIB / slides
  • Jörg Steinkamp – LPJ-GUESS / slides

Evening keynotes – empirical mortality models

  • Lisa Hülsmann (WSL Zürich) / slides
  • Maxime Cailleret (ETH Zürich) / slides

Picture credits: Made by Konrad Zielinski, son of Julo, via

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