TG16 Uncertainty review meeting in Edinburgh












Members of the PROFOUND task group 16 (TG16) lead by Michal Petr, attended a meeting organised by Forest Research on April 6-7th 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland, to discuss the progress and process of their review of uncertainty in forestry studies. The main focus of this review is on understanding, identification, and assessment of different types of uncertainty in climate change forestry studies, while focusing two perspectives: forest modellers and decision makers. The review findings should help us to identify knowledge gaps for these two groups and offer an insight how to assess and better communicate uncertainty.

During two days we discussed and clarified what aspects of uncertainty we are reviewing and refined the uncertainty matrix – our review protocol. Furthermore, we tested this matrix on several papers to reduce ambiguity in the review. In the end of the meeting we had a more thorough understanding of our review with improved uncertainty matrix. We hope to have the first preliminary results for the next annual PROFOUND meeting in September 2016.

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