Report from TG 18 meeting in Copenhagen









On March 30-31th the members of the PROFOUND task group 18 (TG 18) lead by Andreas Ibrom attended a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss “The merits of multi constraints data sets for model parameter estimation”.


Please find below the slides of the presentations from the workshop.

ICOS Sweden’s forest sites – Jutta Holst/ Slides

Hyytiälä site and data – Mikko Peltoniemi/ Slides

BASFOR The BASic FORest model – Maurizio Bagnara/ Slides

Coup Model Platform – Per-Erik Jansson/ Slides

3D-CMCC-“FEM” – Alessio Colalti/ Slides

4C – FORESEE –FORESt Ecosystems in a changing Environment – Christopher Reyer/ Slides

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