Report from the WG 3 meeting 2016, Grenoble, France

The meeting of WG3 (see also invitation) concentrated on discussing the progress of

  • WG 3 infrastructure (R packages)
  • TG13: Model calibration review
  • TG14: MCMC comparison
  • TG15: Models with multiple data types

The status of these TGs is that

  • The model calibration R package is operational and will be released soon (contact Florian Hartig if you are interested in using it already)
  • Profound data and model R packages are progressing well, an increasing number of models is wrapped in R and can be interfaced with the data and stats packages
  • There is a draft of the model calibration protocol / tutorial of TG13 ready, the group is progressing towards transforming this into a publication
  • Model runs for TG14 (MCMC comparison) should start soon, and ideally be finished until summer to discuss results on the general assembly in Krakow
  • TG 15 work on calibration with multiple data types is ongoing, and will be discussed further on the general assembly

We’ll send more details to the people involved in these TGs in the next days.

Other than that, the group discussed options for new task groups. We will present them at the general assembly in Krakow to gauge the interest in the larger group.

Participants of the WG3 meeting 2016 in Grenoble

Participants of the WG3 meeting 2016 in Grenoble

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