PROFOUND TG7 meeting: COFOLAMO workshop


The WG2 TG7 (COFOLAMO=Comparison of forest landscape models) workshop in Davos from 06-08/06/2016 was very intense, productive and enthusiastic and  because of that a lot of fun. Many thanks to the participants, for their input to the science but also to the  Cooking for Landscape Modellers.

We discussed and improved the simulation protocol.  We set up the models accordingly, and prepared the various input and comparison data sets for the “warm-up” region Davos-DisDavosTS2chma  to be usable for our models. We also discussed a lot the different model assumptions and structures, shared and partly implemented ideas, e.g. about initialization. First simulation results stimulated the discussion. An excursion  from the valley bottom to treeline  through the real forests  that are affected strongly by avalanches made us a bit humble regarding our models, but we were able to rebuild our self-confidence after that.


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