Report from the general PROFOUND meeting 2016 in Krakow, Poland



On 28/29th of September 2016, the joint MC and WG meeting of PROFOUND took place in Krakow, Poland. The ~80 participants enjoyed exciting scientific presentations, discussed ongoing and future research activities of PROFOUND, and walked through the beautiful streets of Krakow. A special thanks goes out to the PROFOUND Steering Group, the local organiser Jaroslaw Socha, Bogdan Wertz and the team of the Department of Biometry and Forest Productivity of the University of Agriculture in Krakow for smooth organization and logistics.

Here is the full agenda and below are the main presentations for your information. More details about follow-up activities, new task groups etc. will follow.



Welcome Address & Introduction to Polish Forestry – Jaroslaw Socha / Slides

The Role of Forest Science in Climate Change Policy – Robert Scheller / Slides

Status of PROFOUND – Christopher Reyer / Slides


Reports on Working Groups

WG 1 – Miguel Zavala, Paloma Ruiz Benito / Slides

WG 2 – Rupert Seidl / Slides

WG 3 – Florian Hartig / Slides

WG 4 – Kristina Blennow / Slides


STSM and Task Group Highlights

STSM Highlights Talk 1 “Comparison of Two Gap Filling Methods for Latent Heat Eddy Covariance Fluxes” – Lenka Krupková / Slides

STSM Highlights Talk 2 “Modelling Growth and Water Use of Mediterranean Riparian Forests” – Daniel Nadal-Sala / Slides

STSM Highlights Talk 3 “Time Scale Dependent Variability in Forest-atmosphere Fluxes: A Performance Study of Process Based Models on Site Scale for European Beech” – Joanna Horemans / Slides

TG7: Comparing Forest Landscape Models – Heike Lischke / Slides


Poster Session

1. “Climate Change: study of damage in Valencian forest areas by an episode of drought” by Juan Uriol / Poster
2. “Disturbances mitigate climate change effects on biodiversity” by Dominik Thom / Poster
3. “Impacts of different management strategies on the provisioning of forest ecosystem services under climate change” by Katharina Albrich / Poster
4. “Do large herbivores effect forest structure and carbon cycling in tropical forests?” by Fabio Berzaghi
5. “Importance of the canopy structure to predict the carbon sequestration of French forests under various thinning intensities in the context of climate change” by Guillaume Marie
6. “Disturbance history of old-growth mixed beech-fir-spruce forests in Western Carpathians” by Michal Adamus
7. “The influence of forest structure on forest productivity” by Friedrich Bohn
8. “Contribution of Biome-BGCMuSo in multimodel simultions” by Ferenc Horvath
9. “Combined climate and management effects in future forests: preliminary results from ISIMIP for Soroe with 3D-CMCC-FEM“ by Alessio Collalti / Slides









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