Task Group 5 Workshop in Zvolen, Slovakia on 14 and 15 March, 2017

The workshop of the PROFOUND Task Group 5 on Allocation modelling took place at Technical University Zvolen, Slovakia on 14 and 15 March, 2017. It focused on the information gathered by the questionnaire on Carbon Allocation Modelling distributed among the COST FP1304 participants in late 2016 and the subsequent analysis of these data. Thanks again to everybody who filled in the questionnaire! The summary results of the survey were presented and discussed. The participants agreed on the structure of the review paper on carbon allocation models that are currently used in forest growth models with regard to the main gaps in carbon allocation models identified by the forest developers and users who filled in the questionnaire. The participants had also a chance to visit a virtual cave developed at Technical University Zvolen for forest growth modelling purposes.




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