Report from the 3rd PROFOUND spring school on model calibration and the subsequent WG3 meeting in Grenoble, France

A big thanks to all participants / lecturers of our 2017 PROFOUND spring school on Bayesian calibration, forecasting and multi-model predictions of process-based vegetation models, and the subsequent WG3 meeting on the same topic.

The aim of the spring school was, as ever, to teach Bayesian methods for the calibration of process-based models. The training used a range of products developed by PROFOUND, in particular the new BayesianTools R package for model calibration.

The WG meeting was focused on discussing work / publications for ongoing WG3 task groups.

Programs for both events can be found under the respective links above.

Participants of the PROFOUND spring school 2017 – Sebastian Fiedler, Carsten Dormann, Ingride Jesus van der Kellen, Boris Tupek, Yuan Yan, Nüzhet Dalfes, Louis de Wergifosse, Cosmin Cosofret, Annemarie Hildegard Eckes, Lisa Hülsmann, Rahmi Ariani, Tina Trautmann, Nicolas Delpierre, Jina Jeong, Xianglin Tian, Florian Hartig, Francesco Minnuno, Michael Dietze, David Cameron, Björn Reineking

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