TG20 meeting on Seed Masting modelling in Cambridge, UK

The second PROFOUND TG20 workshop has been successfully closed in Cambridge last Sunday.
Dr. Andrew Hacket-Pain, who is part of the TG20 team, hosted eight fellow team members from Italy, France, Romania, and Switzerland at the Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, for an engaging three day meeting and discussion, aimed at drafting the review paper on modeling masting.
By both plenary sessions and group work, participants discussed the results of their literature review of more than 200 papers on mast seeding and how masting patterns can be quantified by modelers, etc. The group has also started exploring ideas to continue the collaboration beyond Profound, such as by contributing to the existing databases on Masting in Europe (scientific and/or citizen science projects), periodic newsletters, and requesting funding for future networking and research on mast seeding in Europe.
All this in the beautiful setting of Cambridge historical town, pubs, and colleges, belonging to the third oldest University in the world and inspiring us to stand on the shoulders of its “giants” alumni, from Newton to Darwin, from Thompson to Hawking, and to appreciate how collaborative research holds the potential to make us reach similar heights, and hopefully even higher, all the while having fun!

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