WG1 – Data integration and assimilation

WG Leaders: Annikki Mäkelä, Miguel A. de Zavala

Rationale: WG1, consisting of empirical scientists and modellers, will establish an overview of available forest ecosystem data in Europe. This will include inventory data, but also other data sources such as remote sensing, data from flux tower sites, paleoecological and paleoclimatic data, genetic data and species distribution data (Milestone W1). In connection with WG2, WG1 will discuss the usability of these data for different process-based forest model types. In the course of this, WG1 will review existing data integration and assimilation methods and evaluate the suitability of different data types for constraining different process-based forest models (Milestone W2). Based on these findings, WG1 will examine possible problems that result from different measurement methods or reporting standards, both for reporting forest indicators in general, and for the connection to process-based models in particular (Milestone W3). Together with WG2 and WG3, WG1 will discuss whether there are cost-neutral or low-cost opportunities for obtaining additional measurements and data from existing programmes that would be particularly useful for constraining important uncertainties in forest models (Milestone W4). All tasks in WG1 are envisioned to be conducted in close interaction between modellers and empirical scientists.

Task groups:

TG 1: Review of available data for forest models (Miguel Zavala / Alicia Palacios)
TG 2: Reference dataset (Klara Dolos)
TG 22: Improving communication between modelers and data providers and adding value of model results for data providers (Dario Martin Benito)


Participation: If you are interested in participating in one of the task groups, please contact the task group coordinators directly. If you are interested in the working group in general, please contact the working group leaders.