TG1 – Review of available data for forest models

TG Leaders: Miguel Zavala / Alicia Palacios

Description: We aim to provide comprehensive and concise information on the availability and suitability of European forest data for model parameterization, calibration and evaluation; and recommendations for better harmonization and accessibility of datasets. At the present there is an extensive amount of data oriented to calibrate and validate models. However, it is difficult to integrate information from different types of data due to the high diversity in the nature of the data and differences in scales and measurement periodicity among other factors. Thus, usually research groups develop specific expertise in an existing type of data and models which limits the development of synergies that would improve greatly the capability of models to represent and predict forest responses to environmental change. As an essential part of the PROFOUND action, the TG1 will compile a review of data availability with a special emphasis on providing the following:

  • Information about the level of biological organization and spatial and temporal scales covered by measurements.
  • An assessment of data suitability for calibrating and evaluating process-based forest models.
  • Information on complementarities and redundancies among data across scales models or model demands.
  • Recommendations for better harmonization and accessibility of existing datasets.
  • Identifying data gaps and opportunities for additional observations.
  • Establishing links with specific forest model demands through other PROFOUND TG´s.


Participation: If you are interested in participating in the task group, please contact the task group coordinator directly. If you are interested in the working group in general, please contact the working group leaders.