TG2 – Reference Dataset

TG Leader: Klara Dolos

We aim to establish a reference dataset which will be freely available and accessible via  Internet. The data are ought to be used as input data for simulations as well as validation for forest models at different scales and for different purposes. This allows model inter-comparisons, particularly in the light of simulated responses of forests to climate change. Also projections of future tree, stand and forest dynamics will be compared among models.


End of Feburary 2015: Identify and collect first set of available data.
2-5 March, 2015: Side event at the ISI-MIP workshop (Vienna).
Summer 2015: First version can be downloaded freely, at least for PROFOUND members!
Spring 2016: Organize the data (metadata, versioning, availability), complement the dataset, reassess data requirements within PROFOUND
March 2016: Workshop in Karlsruhe
2016: Release of the dataset!

Further steps: Establish case studies together with other TGs.

Preveiw of sites included in the PROFOUND reference dataset.

Preview of some sites already included in the PROFOUND reference dataset.

Error reporting

If you want to report errors in the data / R package, either

Connection to other task goups

TG1: Review of available data for forest models.
TG3: Multi model projection protocol.
TG7: Landscape model comparisons. Might use the reference dataset in a case study?
TG13: Bayesian model calibration. Might use the reference dataset?
TG15: Fitting models to heterogeneous data. Discuss case study using the reference dataset.

Participation: If you are interested in participating in the task group, please contact the task group coordinator directly. If you are interested in the working group in general, please contact the working group leaders.