TG22 – Improving communication between modelers and data providers and adding value of model results for data providers

Lead: Dario Martin Benito

Description: Communication between modelers and data providers has frequently been dominated by a one-way transfer of information from the providers to the modelers. This stricture commonly results in little benefit for the providers, in terms of scientific recognition or knowledge transfer back to the providers. In this task group we will explore ways to add more value to these interactions in both directions. The aim is that scientists or agencies gathering and providing data used in models can find model results more valuable to improve their research, data gathering, and/or policy making. At the same time, improved cooperation would lead to data being collected in a way that it could be of better assistance in the development of models.

Participation: If you are interested in participating in this task group, please contact the coordinator directly. If you are interested in the working group in general, please contact the WG leaders.