TG16 – Uncertainty Review

TG Leader: Michal Petr

Description: Uncertainty as a limited, incomplete, or contrasting knowledge will remain in the future with any decisions forest modellers or forest managers make. This uncertainty appears and is relevant to, among others, forest modelling, climate change impacts studies, and forest planning and management. However, so far we lack a thorough understanding of what uncertainty means to different groups of users, from forest modellers to forest managers, and how we can help them to identify different uncertainty types and sources. To close this gap this task group will review the recent literature on uncertainty within the climate change adaptation and forestry context. The output will be a peer-review publication contributing to better understanding of uncertainty and its identification in forestry domain, which should support robust communication among forest modellers and decision-makers.

Products: Review paper.


Participation: If you are interested in participating in the task group, please contact the task group coordinator directly. If you are interested in the working group in general, please contact the working group leaders.